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In a surgical series of 755 pituitary adenomas, 51 cases (6.75%) showed intratumoral calcifications on microscopic examination and 13 of these were visible on roentgenographic examination (1.72%). Thirty-eight of these 51 cases were prolactinomas, the highest incidence being in male patients. There was no correlation between age, sex, levels of hormone,(More)
INTRODUCTION Camptocormia refers to an abnormal posture with flexion of the thoraco-lumbar spine which increases during walking and resolves in supine position. This symptom is an increasingly recognized feature of parkinsonian and dystonic disorders, but may also be caused by neuromuscular diseases. There is recent evidence that both central and peripheral(More)
Dural arteriovenous malformations of the ethmoidal region are extremely rare. They are usually supplied by the ipsilateral anterior ethmoidal artery with contralateral contribution in about half of the cases. They are characterized by a fistulous nidus within the dura, and their progression seems to involve a retrograde leptomeningeal vascular stasis with(More)
A compression of the intermediate, cochlear and vestibular parts of the VIII nerve by a redundant loop of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) was found at autopsy in a patient who suffered during 21 years of geniculate neuralgia associated with tinnitus, hypoacousia and occasional dizziness. The relationship of arterial cross compression to(More)
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