Florence Robert

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The aim of this study was to describe the various MRI features, in correlation to surgical and pathological findings, in patients who presented with pituitary apoplexy (PA). Eleven patients presenting with PA, were evaluated with various MR protocols including spin-echo (SE) T1-weighted sequences in 9 of 11 patients, post gadolinium SE T1-weighted sequences(More)
The aim of this study was to determine cardiac contractility using indices derived from cardiac catheterisation in conscious healthy dogs during dobutamine infusion. Eight dogs were studied. An ECG was recorded together with left ventricular pressure and volume which were measured using a conductance catheter with an integrated microtip pressure sensor.(More)
The merits of evaluating the parietal extension of lung cancers is emphasized by the new TNM classification. CT and MRI have added to the conventional radiological techniques. The authors successively analyze the contribution of these techniques to the assessment of extension of lung cancers to the wall, including the costal and phrenic compartments, to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy and safety of intraveinous immunoglobulin (IV Ig) in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) at 4, 7 and 12months. METHODS A national multicenter retrospective study was conducted by LFB Biotehcnologies in patients with CIDP who had received at least one cycle of a 5% polyvalent IV Ig,(More)
Seventeen patients with metastatic colon cancer received diaziquone iv daily for 5 days repeated every 28 days. Based on recommended starting doses for phase II trials (6-8 mg/m2 daily X 5), the first six patients received 7 mg/m2/day X 5. Two of these patients were heavily pretreated with chemotherapy, two had received prior 5-FU alone, and two had(More)
PURPOSE Twenty-two people with a history of grass pollen allergic conjunctivitis were enrolled outside the pollen season in this study to compare the efficacy of 0.05% mequitazine eyedrops with topical 2% disodium cromoglycate. METHODS This randomized, double-blind study compared right and left eyes. Subjects received 2% disodium cromoglycate eyedrops in(More)
Twenty-five cases of thoracic hydatic disease, studied by CT since 1982, are reviewed. Fifteen patients were Maghrebin, 10 were native. The lungs were interested 22 times, the mediastinum 3 times and the heart only once. Complications of hydatic disease were present 8 times. We compare contribution of CT to the other diagnosis criterious. Our results show(More)
Necroptic examination of a male newborn baby revealed multiple anomalies of the heart, including multiple cardiac rhabdomyomas, aortic valvular atresia, left cardiac hypoplasia, hypoplasia of proximal aorta and hypertrophy of the right heart. Tuberous sclerosis was not present. In are instances, the association of cardiac rhabdomyomas and other congenital(More)
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