Florence P. Kostrzewa

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Repeated ontogenetic treatment with quinpirole produces enhanced quinpirole-induced yawning and antinociceptive actions in adult rats. We now report the occurrence of a bizarre jumping behavior in rats so treated. Rats were treated daily from birth with quinpirole HCl (3.0 mg/kg per day x 28 days i.p., salt form) or saline vehicle. After each daily(More)
Quinpirole-induced vertical jumping is a phenomenon first observed in rats treated from birth, once a day for 21 days or more, with the dopamine D2 receptor agonist quinpirole. This quinpirole-induced behavioral sensitization is known as a priming process. To determine whether dopaminergic innervation influenced this priming phenomenon, groups of rats were(More)
Dopamine receptor supersensitivity (DARSS) often is invoked as a mechanism possibly underlying disordered thought processes and agitation states in psychiatric disorders. This review is focused on identified means for producing DARSS and associating the role of other monoaminergic systems in modulating DARSS. Dopamine (DA) receptors, experimentally, are(More)
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