Florence Marty

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Cultivation and molecular-based approaches were used to study microbial diversity in two Chilean marine sediments contaminated with high (835 ppm) and very high concentrations of copper (1,533 ppm). The diversity of cultivable bacteria resistant to copper was studied at oxic and anoxic conditions, focusing on sulfate-, thiosulfate-, and iron-reducing(More)
This paper reports on an original rotating MEMS structure used to design RF tunable passive components operating in the X band. These components are either analog tuning MEMS variable capacitors or inductors, based respectively on surface variation or magnetic coupling variation. The choice of a rotating MEMS allows high displacements leading to high tuning(More)
In the present study, investigations were conducted on natural corrosion deposits to better understand the role of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) in the accelerated corrosion process of carbon steel sheet piles in port environments. We describe the abundance and diversity of total and metabolically active SRB within five natural corrosion deposits located(More)
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