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Our work is concerned with the design of a knowledge-based system for recognizing agricultural landscape models on land-use maps. Landscape models are defined as sets of spatial structures and spatial relations. This paper focuses on the representation of topological relations inside an object-based representation system. In this system, relations are(More)
This paper introduces a method for the automatic acquisition from free text of a rich case representation for process-oriented case-based reasoning. Case engineering is among the most complicated and costly tasks in implementing a case-based reasoning system. This is especially so for process-oriented case-based reasoning, where more expressive case(More)
In the frame of designing a knowledge discovery system , we have developed stochastic models based on high-order hidden Markov models. These models are capable to map sequences of data into a Markov chain in which the transitions between the states depend on the n previous states according to the order of the model. We study the process of achieving(More)
In this paper, we present the knowledge-based system rosa working on spatial and functional organizations in agriculture. The reasoning in rosa combines hierarchical classification, case-based reasoning, and qualitative spatial reasoning. The goal of the system is twofold: formalizing and building a case base holding on farm spatial and functional(More)