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We present a new, robust, computational procedure for tracking fluorescent markers in time-lapse microscopy. The algorithm is optimized for finding the time-trajectory of single particles in very noisy dynamic (two- or three-dimensional) image sequences. It proceeds in three steps. First, the images are aligned to compensate for the movement of the(More)
BACKGROUND The positioning of chromosomal domains within interphase nuclei is thought to facilitate transcriptional repression in yeast. Although this is particularly well characterized for telomeres, the molecular basis of their specific subnuclear organization is poorly understood. The use of live fluorescence imaging overcomes limitations of in situ(More)
We present a new, robust algorithm for tracking fluorescent particles in dynamic image sequences obtained by brightfield or confocal microscopy. Specifically, we consider the problem of extracting the movement of chromosomal telomeres within the nucleus of a budding yeast cell. Our method has three components. The first is an alignment module that(More)
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