Florence Hélière

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Snow is a critical component of the global water cycle and climate system, and a major source of water supply in many parts of the world. There is a lack of spatially distributed information on the accumulation of snow on land surfaces, glaciers, lake ice and sea ice. Satellite missions for systematic and global snow observations will be essential to(More)
A new call for Core Earth Explorer Ideas was released by the European Space Agency in March 2005. The Call focused on the global carbon and water cycles, atmospheric chemistry and climate, as well as the human element as a cross cutting issue. The proposals were peer reviewed by scientific panels, and also appraised technically and programmatically by ESA.(More)
The European Space Agency released a call for the next Earth Explorer Core Mission Ideas in March 2005, with the aim to select a 7th Earth Explorer mission to be launched in the next decade. Twenty-four proposals were received and subject to detailed scientific and technical assessment. In the so-called Phase 0, six concepts were selected and further(More)
Among the future Earth Explorer Core missions, BIOMASS mission objective deals with global measurements of forest biomass and extent. It will provide a better understanding of Carbon cycle and forest contribution. This mission enters now the Phase A selection process. The BIOMASS space segment will consist of a satellite carrying a P-band SAR in(More)
Radar ice sounding allows for the retrieval of ice depth and provides information on basal topography, basal conditions, flow, and layering. In the prospect of a possible future satellite ice sounding mission, surface clutters are expected to severely hamper measurement of radar echoes from the depth due to the unfavourable observation geometry. Synthetic(More)