Florence E Hellen

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Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a widely acknowledged effective treatment for severe major depression. ECT produces considerable anticonvulsant effects that may be related to an increased GABA-ergic neurotransmission. We aimed to explore whether motor cortical excitability as assessed with single and paired pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)(More)
Recent data suggest that inhibitory pathways may be involved in the pathophysiology of depression and in the mode of action of some antidepressant interventions. The aim of the present study was to test whether vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) can affect motor cortex excitability. Measures of motor cortical excitability were probed by using single-pulse and(More)
Hyponatremia is a common phenomenon in psychiatry occurring as an adverse effect to drugs or following polydipsia. We performed a retrospective in-depth analysis of hyponatremia cases in a large unselected population of psychiatric inpatients. During a 3-year period, all cases of hyponatremia were identified among patients admitted to a large psychiatric(More)
OBJECTIVES Attention plays a fundamental role in cognitive performance and is closely interrelated with all major cognitive domains. In this retrospective study, we correlated different measures of attention with standard cognitive parameters in 85 cognitively impaired elderly individuals presenting with cognitive complaints to a memory clinic. MATERIALS(More)
Artifizielle Störungen stellen den behandelnden Arzt im Einzelfall oftmals vor erhebliche Herausforderungen, da sich betroffene Patienten nicht selten invasive Schäden zufügen, um eine Erkrankung vorzutäuschen. In dem beschriebenen Fall wurde eine Patientin mit rezidivierenden unklaren Hypoglykämien zur Abklärung eines Insulinoms stationär eingewiesen. In(More)
OBJECTIVE Ten percent of all homicide perpetrators are female and homicidal acts committed by women are mostly a result of interpersonal conflicts. We carried out a retrospective psychosocial analysis of ten homicide cases committed by women with an urban mid-European background. We evaluated characteristic determinants regarding 1) deed circumstances and(More)
Autoerotic fatalities in the Greater Dusseldorf area correspond to the relevant medicolegal literature. Our results included exclusively young to middle-aged, usually single men who were found dead in their city apartments. Clothing and devices used showed a great variety. Women's or fetish clothing and complex shackling or hanging devices were(More)
Die 53-jährige Patientin war mit einer plötzlich aufgetretenen Verwirrtheit und Orientierungslosigkeit aufgefallen. Die weitere neurologische Untersuchung war unauffällig, die Klinik bildete sich nach einigen Stunden vollständig zurück. Im 2 Tage später durchgeführten MRT zeigte sich eine punktförmige Diffusionsstörung im rechten lateralen Hippokampus.(More)
Anosognosia is common in patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) even in early stages. Although neural correlates and the impact of cognitive dysfunctions have been described, possible psychodynamic processes such as a repressive coping style as described in other illnesses, have not been examined. Our study aimed to examine possible psychological influence(More)
To assess the effects of cannabis on the ability required to ride a bicycle, repetitive practical cycling tests and medical examinations were carried out before and after inhalative consumption of cannabis. A maximum of three joints with body weight-adapted THC content (300 μg THC per kg body weight) could be consumed by each test subject. Fourteen regular(More)