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This paper presents a method of overlapping/aggregating nuclei cells segmentation. This method is based on the watershed segmentation algorithm, but the specificity of this work is to introduce some prior information about the usual shape of normal/pathological nuclei cells. Such prior information will help to optimize the right set of markers, from which(More)
This paper presents a fast method using simple genetic algorithms (GAs) for features selection. Unlike traditional approaches using GAs, we have used the combination of Adaboost classifiers to evaluate an individual of the population. So, the fitness function we have used is defined by the error rate of this combination. This approach has been implemented(More)
Although laboratory data clearly suggest a role for oxidants (dioxygen and free radicals derived from dioxygen) in the pathogenesis of many age-related and degenerative diseases (such as arthrosis and arthritis), methods to image such species in vivo are still very limited. This methodological problem limits physiopathologic studies about the role of those(More)
This paper deals with how to characterize texture and how to get a good description of images with a minimal number of parameters. This procedure is more objective than textual data. Texture characterization has been used in a matching system to detect changes in couples of aerial images taken at two different times using different order of statistics to(More)