Florence Chapuis

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A molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) was synthesized and evaluated to selectively extract an alpha-blocker, i.e. alfuzosin, from human plasma. The synthesis of the MIP was performed in dichloromethane with methacrylic acid as monomer and the target drug as template. A first series of experiments was carried out in dichloromethane to estimate the potential(More)
Direct, selective solid-phase extraction of triazines from aqueous samples is presented using a molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) made with terbutylazine as template molecule. After optimization of the steps of the procedure, 14 triazines including degradation products were studied and satisfactory extraction recoveries were obtained except for(More)
Two molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), prepared in dichloromethane with terbutylazine and ametryn as template molecules, were evaluated for the selective extraction of triazines from complex matrices. Various parameters affecting extraction recoveries on MIPs were studied in order to obtain an optimized extraction procedure allowing to reduce(More)
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