Florence Buzin

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Due to the important economic activity of oyster production in France, microalgal toxic events represent a significant constraint for shellfish farmers who face closures of bivalve production-sites. The frequency of closures of 3 weeks or less represents half of the total closures along the French coasts. Cold storage could be a simple and affordable(More)
The invasive mollusk Crepidula fornicata, occurring in large amounts in bays along the French Northeastern Atlantic coasts, may have huge environmental effects in highly productive ecosystems where shellfish are exploited. The present study aims at determining the potential economic value of this marine species in terms of exploitable substances with high(More)
Vibrio harveyi is a marine bacterial pathogen responsible for episodic abalone epidemics associated with massive mortalities in France, Japan, and Australia. The aim of this study was the understanding of a possible role of the p38 MAPK in abalone haemocyte responses towards this bacterium. First, the pathogenicity of different V. harveyi strains was(More)
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