Florence Bureau-Chalot

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BACKGROUND Few studies have evaluated subjective health status in dementia patients. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to determinate the feasibility, acceptability and internal consistency reliability of measuring subjective health status in dementia patients with the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP). DESIGN The French version of the NHP was(More)
The aim of this prospective study was to determine the extra-length of stay and the average cost for rotavirus healthcare-associated infection (HAI). Children admitted to the paediatric ward of the Reims University Hospital between the 1 December 2001 and 31 March 2002, were included in a pairwise matched (1:1) case-control study. Cases were defined as(More)
BACKGROUND In October 2000, 41 people were infected during an outbreak of adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis. Such nosocomial outbreaks are frequently reported in long-term care institutions, even though simple measures to prevent or limit such occurrences are well documented. This study describes the significant direct costs incurred as a result of this(More)
A case is reported of postoperative spondylodiskitis due to Stomatococcus mucilaginosus in an immunocompetent woman. The route of infection remains unknown. Intravenous treatment with cefotaxime and fosfomycin was given, followed by oral administration of rifampin and pristinamycin until resolution of infection. This report shows that this bacterium can(More)
An unusual multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDR-PA) was isolated in four patients whilst hospitalized in a French teaching hospital between May and August 2011. All four patients had undergone an oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy with the same gastroscope over a five-month period. This endoscope was associated with a culture positive for the MDR-PA.(More)
UNLABELLED Rapidly fatal cases of invasive fungal infections due to a fungus later identified as Saprochaete clavata were reported in France in May 2012. The objectives of this study were to determine the clonal relatedness of the isolates and to investigate possible sources of contamination. A nationwide alert was launched to collect cases. Molecular(More)
With the July 30th 2004 memorandum, for the first time a text is specifically dedicated to the architecture of the autopsy room. This memorandum reaffirms certain technical specifications stated in the May 7th 2001 decree applicable to hospital mortuaries. It supplements or modifies certain elements, particularly liquid waste processing, which will require(More)