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Most existing systems developed for traffic light control either consider a single objective or use a simple weighted sum to aggregate objectives. Three criteria are aggregated using an alternative way. The first two criteria refer to total delay dealing with two types of users with conflicting preferences: private vehicles and public transport vehicles.(More)
This paper proposes an original definition of the exposure to lateral collision in signalized intersections and discusses the results of a real world experiment. This exposure is defined as the duration of situations where the stream that is given the right-of-way goes through the conflict zone while road users are waiting in the cross-traffic approach.(More)
BACKGROUND Rare congenital dislocation of hip (CDH) (0.03 for 1,000 births) are irreducible at birth; they are named teratologic in literature. However some of them are isolated without any pathological context, having a postural origin or due to an underlying disease. PATIENTS Seventeen dislocated hips, irreducible at birth, were seen in 12 infants and(More)
The authors expose a retrospective study about 133 nervous contingents treated exclusivement by steroid-therapy. The objective is to study the influence on nerve-function recovery of the following parameters: clinic form, function (sensitive or motor) of the nerve, position of the nerve (ulnar, median...), nature of the antibiotherapy. The method is based(More)
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