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INCREASINGLY DENSE and complex electronic designs have made established in-circuit test (ICT) techniques more costly and difficult to implement. Several electronic systems manufacturers, such as Philips and IBM, have proposed an innovative boundary scan method to improve design controllability and observability. The method is based on ICT techniques, but it(More)
The use of the Oscillation Test Strategy to test Configurable Analog Blocks of Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAAs) has been proposed previously, solving the complex problem of test stimuli generation. An improvement to that technique is presented in this paper, using the resources of the FPAA to build an Output Response Analyzer. This new approach(More)
This paper discusses the viability of a BIST implementation for the sinusoidal histogram technique classically used for ADC testing. An original approach based on (i) approximations to estimate the ADC parameters, (ii) decomposition of the global test in a code-after-code test procedure and (iii) piece-wise approximation to compute the ideal histogram is(More)
 The European network for Integrated Circuit testing education described in this paper addresses the shortage of skill in mixed-signal production testing by encouraging students at pre-and post-doctoral levels to attend innovative training courses in the field, jointly supported by industry. The objective of the present educational experience is to(More)