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The fatty acid oxygenation up-regulated 2 (fou2) mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana creates a gain-of-function allele in a non-selective cation channel encoded by the Two Pore Channel 1 (TPC1) gene. This mutant genetically implicates cation fluxes in the control of the positive feedback loop whereby jasmonic acid (JA) stimulates its own synthesis. In this study(More)
Telomere composition changes during tumourigenesis, aging and in telomere syndromes in a poorly defined manner. Here we develop a quantitative telomeric chromatin isolation protocol (QTIP) for human cells, in which chromatin is cross-linked, immunopurified and analysed by mass spectrometry. QTIP involves stable isotope labelling by amino acids in cell(More)
Protein S-palmitoylation is a reversible post-translational modification that regulates many key biological processes, although the full extent and functions of protein S-palmitoylation remain largely unexplored. Recent developments of new chemical methods have allowed the establishment of palmitoyl-proteomes of a variety of cell lines and tissues from(More)
Casein kinase 1 (CK1) is a pleiotropic protein kinase implicated in several fundamental processes of eukaryotic cell biology. Plasmodium falciparum encodes a single CK1 isoform, PfCK1, that is expressed at all stages of the parasite's life cycle. We have previously shown that the pfck1 gene cannot be disrupted, but that the locus can be modified if no(More)
20 The two major isoforms of the oncogenic Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase, p210 and p190, 21 are expressed upon the Philadelphia chromosome translocation. p210 is the 22 hallmark of chronic myelogenous leukemia, whereas p190 occurs in the majority 23 of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Differences in protein interactions and 24 activated signaling pathways(More)
UNLABELLED Centrifuge is a user-friendly system to simultaneously access Arabidopsis gene annotations and intra- and inter-organism sequence comparison data. The tool allows rapid retrieval of user-selected data for each annotated Arabidopsis gene providing, in any combination, data on the following features: predicted protein properties such as mass, pI,(More)
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