Florence Appel

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C omputer science courses that focus on the social and ethical implications of widespread computer usage have grown in popularity over the last ten to fifteen years. As more computer science educators recognize their professional obligation to prepare their students to be good theoreticians and practitioners, they are developing courses of study that(More)
1. SUMMARY The session, which is being held on the occasion of SIGCAS' 40 th Anniversary, will provide a historical perspective on curricular efforts to address the profound social and ethical impact of the rapid development of computer technology since its widespread deployment in the 1960's. Presenters, who represent veteran and newer members of SIGCAS,(More)
Social and professional principles were included in ABET computer science accreditation standards in 1987 and first appeared in the <i>ACM/IEEE-CS Computing Curricula</i> in 1991. This moderated panel presented the Social Issues and Professional Practice Knowledge Area (SP KA) of the 2013 ACM/IEEE-CS draft curricular guidelines for computer science.(More)
The ACM/IEEE-CS 2001/2008 computer science curricular guidelines are in the process of being updated and the strawman version of CS2013 will be unveiled at SIGCSE 2012. Inclusion of the ethical, societal and professional responsibility issues dates back to Computing Curricula 1991. This poster session will present the revised Social and Professional issues(More)
Back in 1988, when my department chair encouraged me to pursue my interest in developing a course on the social and ethical impact of computing, I was thrilled at the prospect but had no idea how difficult it would be to find resources to support my teaching. I did some pre-Web digging and found two organizations that delivered on their promises to provide(More)
The ACM SIGITE Curriculum Committee 2005 has recently published recommendations paying significant attention to the coverage of societal and ethical issues and professional responsibility. It is expected that a growing number of IT departments and schools will seek to address these curricular issues. This panel will examine a variety of approaches to(More)
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