Florence Appel

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This paper describes the author's experience of infusing an introductory database course with privacy content, and the on-going project entitled Integrating Ethics Into the Database Curriculum, that evolved from that experience. The project, which has received funding from the National Science Foundation, involves the creation of a set of privacy modules(More)
Predictions by housestaff physicians of whether or not patients would return for follow-up visits and of the amount of prescribed medication they would take were compared to measured compliance for 187 patients discharged from the medical service. Although physicians were able to predict visit compliance better than by chance alone, at best they could(More)
This study assesses the importance of extramedical factors in the decision to hospitalize medical patients. Residents in a municipal hospital's emergency room completed a questionnaire on 252 consecutive patients at the time of admission. Extramedical factors contributed to the admission decision in 54 patients (21 percent); for twenty of these patients (8(More)
C omputer science courses that focus on the social and ethical implications of widespread computer usage have grown in popularity over the last ten to fifteen years. As more computer science educators recognize their professional obligation to prepare their students to be good theoreticians and practitioners, they are developing courses of study that(More)
The ability to measure serum levels of anticonvulsants has been a significant advance in the treatment of epilepsy. This technique enables practitioners to monitor a patient's plasma concentration, to detect potential toxicity, and to assess compliance with the prescribed regimen. A retrospective study of 164 adults with epilepsy was conducted to evaluate(More)
1. SUMMARY The session, which is being held on the occasion of SIGCAS' 40 th Anniversary, will provide a historical perspective on curricular efforts to address the profound social and ethical impact of the rapid development of computer technology since its widespread deployment in the 1960's. Presenters, who represent veteran and newer members of SIGCAS,(More)