Florence A Zeman

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Exposure to phthalates and Bisphenol A could cause developmental and reproductive toxicity. This study provides a first assessment of these exposures for more than 250 French pregnant women. The median concentrations of total and free Bisphenol A in urine were similar to those in other studies except the highest concentrations (5% of women had total and(More)
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) constitute a family of over one hundred compounds and can generally be found in complex mixtures. PAHs metabolites cause DNA damage which can lead to the development of carcinogenesis. Toxicity assessment of PAH complex mixtures is currently expressed in terms of toxic equivalents, based on Toxicity Equivalent Factors(More)
The ubiquitous use of phthalate esters in plastics, building material, medical devices, personal care products and food packaging materials results in a widespread exposure of general population. This study reports measurement of urinary concentration of phthalate metabolites in France and provides a first assessment of the exposure of French pregnant women(More)
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are persistent contaminants suspected to cause adverse health effects in humans. As PCBs levels in food have not been monitored frequently in the past, modeling approaches based on environmental data have been proposed to predict the human dietary intake. In this work, we propose to improve these approaches by taking into(More)
In the present legislations, the use of methods alternative to animal testing is explicitly encouraged, to use animal testing only 'as a last resort' or to ban it. The use of alternative methods to replace kinetics or repeated dose in vivo tests is a challenging issue. We propose here a strategy based on in vitro tests and QSAR (Quantitative Structure(More)
BACKGROUND Developmental periods in early life may be particularly vulnerable to impacts of environmental exposures. Human research on this topic has generally focused on single exposure-health effect relationships. The "exposome" concept encompasses the totality of exposures from conception onward, complementing the genome. OBJECTIVES The Human(More)
Two main alternatives are typically used to model mechanistically dose-survival relationship in ecotoxicity tests. Effects are related to a concentration of concern, for instance body concentration, and, to account for their differences relative to time-to-death, individuals have either different concentration thresholds for death ("individual tolerance(More)
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) are commonly present in dwellings and several are suspected of having effects on male reproductive function mediated by an endocrine disruption mode of action. To improve knowledge of the health impact of these compounds, cumulative toxicity indicators are needed. This work derives Benchmark Doses (BMD) and Relative(More)
Permethrin, a pyrethroid insecticide, is suspected to induce neuronal and hormonal disturbances in humans. The widespread exposure of the populations has been confirmed by the detection of the urinary metabolites of permethrin in biomonitoring studies. Permethrin is a chiral molecule presenting two forms, the cis and the trans isomers. Because in vitro(More)
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