Floor Sieverink

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UNLABELLED Trial registration: NCT01570140. BACKGROUND Due to ongoing rise in need for care for people with chronic diseases and lagging increase in number of care providers, alternative forms of care provision and self-management support are needed. Empowering patients through an online care platform could help to improve patients' self-management and(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous digital health interventions have been developed for mental health promotion and intervention, including eating disorders. Efficacy of many interventions has been evaluated, yet knowledge about reasons for dropout and poor adherence is scarce. Most digital health intervention studies lack appropriate research design and methods to(More)
Randomized controlled trials to evaluate the effectiveness of eHealth technologies provide only little understanding in why a particular outcome did occur. Log data analysis is a promising methodology to explain the found effects of eHealth technologies and to improve the effects. In this paper, we describe our experiences with the collection, analysis, and(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, the increasing interest in telehealth and significant technological breakthroughs of the past decade create favorable conditions for the widespread adoption of telehealth services. Therefore, expectations are high that telehealth can help alleviate prevailing challenges in health care delivery. However, in order to translate current(More)
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