Fleur J Vruwink

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Some aggressive incidents in psychiatric wards result in seclusion, whereas others do not. We used the Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised and the mental health trust's database to identify determinants that predicted seclusion after aggression. These consisted of demographic, diagnostic, contextual, and aggression characteristics and were analyzed(More)
BACKGROUND From 2006 to 2009, the Dutch government provided €5 m annually for a nationwide program to reduce seclusion in psychiatric hospitals by 10% a year. We aimed to establish whether the numbers of both seclusion and involuntary medication changed significantly after the start of this national program. METHODS Using Poisson regression to estimate(More)
6 Frueh BC, Knapp RG, Cusack KJ. Patients' reports of traumatic or harmful experiences within the psychiatric setting. 7 Soorgaard KW. Patients' perception of coercion in acute psychiatric wards: an intervention study. D, et al. The practice of seclusion and time out on English acute psychiatric wards, the City-128 study. 16 Gale TM, Hawley CJ, Sivakumaran(More)
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