Flemming Gram Christensen

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The production of embedded systems is continuously increasing, but developing reusable software for such systems is notoriously difficult, in particular in the case of low-end embedded systems based on 16-bit or 8-bit processors. We have developed a compilation system for executing Java byte code on low-end embedded systems, and we demonstrate how this(More)
The carcinogenic effect of 3 commercially available ultraviolet A (UVA) tanning sources was studied in lightly pigmented hairless mice. The tanning sources (Bellarium-S SA-1-12 and Philips TL 09R and TL 10R) have different emission spectra and emit different quantities of UVB. The tanning sources were administered either alone, or before irradiation with(More)
The carcinogenic effect of three UVA tanning sources was studied in lightly pigmented hairless mice. The three tanning sources (Bellarium-S SA-1-12, Philips TL 09R and Philips TL 10R) have different emission spectra, and emit different amounts of UVB. Radiation from the tanning sources was administered for 20 min/day, 5 day/week in daily doses equivalent to(More)
The effect of UVA radiation (321-400 nm) on UVB photocarcinogenesis was examined in lightly pigmented hairless hr/hr C3H/Tif mice. Five groups of 22 mice were exposed to UVB radiation (281-320 nm) from one Philips 12 tube for 10 min per day and 4 days per week. Four of the groups were simultaneously exposed to UVA from two to six filtered Philips 09 tubes.(More)