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This study aimed at analyzing the performance of four forecasting models in predicting the demand for medical care in terms of daily visits in an emergency department (ED) that handles high complexity cases, testing the influence of climatic and calendrical factors on demand behavior. We tested different mathematical models to forecast ED daily visits at(More)
In the majority of countries, breast cancer among women is highly prevalent. If diagnosed in the early stages, there is a high probability of a cure. Several statistical-based approaches have been developed to assist in early breast cancer detection. This paper presents a method for selection of variables for the classification of cases into two classes,(More)
RÉSUMÉ Nous proposons une nouvelle approche du contrôle de qualité des procédés par lots basée sur la méthode STATIS et des cartes de contrôles non paramétriques à partir d'enveloppes convexes. Cette approche générale peut être utilisée pour le contrôle en fin et en cours de fabrication des procédés par lots. La méthode proposée est illustrée sur des(More)
Batch processes are widely used in several industrial sectors, e.g. food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Process performance is described by variables which are monitored as the batch progresses. Data arising from such processes are usually monitored using control charts based on multiway principal components analysis. In this paper we propose a non(More)
INTRODUCTION We analyze the assembly of surgical trays in a hospital's sterile services department. The department assembles 520 different tray setups. However, tray assembly times are unknown, imposing a challenge to production planners. To respond to demand, workers from other departments are often called, leading to higher operational costs and more(More)
Most industrial processes and products are evaluated by more than one quality characteristic. To select the best design and operating control factors it is necessary to take into account all measures of quality simultaneously, in what is known as multiresponse optimization. Determination of the best operational settings for products or processes is usually(More)