Flavio S. Fogliatto

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This study aimed at analyzing the performance of four forecasting models in predicting the demand for medical care in terms of daily visits in an emergency department (ED) that handles high complexity cases, testing the influence of climatic and calendrical factors on demand behavior. We tested different mathematical models to forecast ED daily visits at(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for selecting subsets of wavenumbers provided by attenuated total reflectance by Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy able to improve the clustering of medicine samples into two groups; i.e., authentic or fraudulent. For that matter, we apply principal components analysis (PCA) to ATR-FTIR data, and derive(More)
In the majority of countries, breast cancer among women is highly prevalent. If diagnosed in the early stages, there is a high probability of a cure. Several statistical-based approaches have been developed to assist in early breast cancer detection. This paper presents a method for selection of variables for the classification of cases into two classes,(More)
OBJECTIVE Emergency department (ED) overcrowding is a serious issue for hospitals. Early information on short-term inward bed demand from patients receiving care at the ED may reduce the overcrowding problem, and optimize the use of hospital resources. In this study, we use text mining methods to process data from early ED patient records using the SOAP(More)
The increase in demand variability as information flows from customers to manufacturers in a supply chain is known as the Bullwhip Effect (BE). Modeling this phenomenon is key in measuring its intensity, aiming at reducing its negative impact on both service and inventory levels in supply chains. This paper proposes a new, more precise mathematical model(More)
Batch processes are widely used in several industrial sectors, e.g. food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Process performance is described by variables which are monitored as the batch progresses. Data arising from such processes are usually monitored using control charts based on multiway principal components analysis. In this paper we propose a non(More)
Long length of stay and overcrowding in emergency departments (EDs) are two common problems in the healthcare industry. To decrease the average length of stay (ALOS) and tackle overcrowding, numerous resources, including the number of doctors, nurses and receptionists need to be adjusted, while a number of constraints are to be considered at the same time.(More)
Mass Customization relates to the ability to provide individually-designed products and services to every customer through high process flexibility and integration. Mass customization has been identified as a competitive advantage strategy by an increasing number of companies. This paper surveys the literature on mass customization. Differences between mass(More)