Flavio M. Menezes

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This paper studies the effects of anticipated inflation on aggregate output and welfare within a search-theoretic framework. We allow money-holders to choose the intensities with which they search for trading partners, so inflation affects the frequency of trade as well as the quantity of output produced in each trade. We consider the standard pricing(More)
We analyze simultaneous discrete public good games with incomplete information and continuous contributions. To use the terminology of Ad-mati and Perry (1991), we consider contribution and subscription games. In the former, contributions are not refunded if the project is not completed , while in the latter they are. We provide necessary conditions that(More)
Flavio Menezes acknowledges the financial assistance from the Australian National University and from IMPA/CNPq (Brazil). We thank G. Mailath and seminar participants at ANU for helpful comments. The usual disclaimer applies. Abstract Suppose a seller wants to sell k similar or identical objects and there are n > k potential buyers. Suppose that buyers want(More)
We m o d e l a t w o periods monopoly market with two-sided quality uncertainty. In the rst period, the seller gathers information about con-sumers' tastes upon observing its sales. In the second period, the seller may o r m a y not deliver the information. If the monopolist must commit either to reveal or conceal past-sales before observing them,(More)