Flavio Galliana

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The capacitance-charging method is a well-established and handy technique for the generation of dc current in the 100 pA range or lower. The method involves a capacitance standard and a sampling voltmeter, highly stable devices easy to calibrate, and it is robust and insensitive to the voltage burden of the instrument being calibrated. We propose here a(More)
(INRIM), a Hamon guarded 10×100 M network was developed to improve the traceability levels of dc resistance at 1 G level. Utilizing and revisiting this project, a Hamon 10×10 G network is developed to extend the capabilities of the Hamon scaling technique up to 100 G. The novelty of the 10 × 10 G network is its improved guard system, and the improvement for(More)
—A measurement technique to calibrate current clamp meters in ac current in the measurement range from 100 to 1500 A at 50 Hz has been developed at the National Institute of Metro-logical Research (INRIM) in addition to the primary reference measurement systems for ac current calibrations at INRIM. This technique is traceable to the national standards of dc(More)
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