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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Pain is currently evaluated with "subjective" methods (eg, patient self-report). This study aimed to test whether fatigue indexes are able to accurately discriminate between subjects with and subjects without low back pain. SUBJECTS Sixty subjects separated into 2 groups--a group with low back pain (n=30) and a group without low(More)
Critical velocity (CV), anaerobic distance capacity (ADC), maximal instantaneous velocity (V max), and aerobic inertia (τ) were calculated from two (CV2par and ADC2par), three (CV3par, ADC3par, and V max 3par), and four-parameter model data (CV4par, ADC4par, V max 4par, and τ), which were obtained from six different times and distances (50, 100, 200, 400,(More)
Control techniques for systems with constraints on control and state are somewhat attractive, mainly in cases where these constraints represent safety or critical points of operation. An important approach for control of constrained linear systems is based on the concept of set invariance, whose main advantages are the inclusion of constraints in the whole(More)
SUMMARY Shoulder instability is a major complaint in overhead athletes. The shoulder joint stability is provided mainly by rotator cuff muscles. The Electromechanical Delay (EMD) may be an important parameter in the responsiveness of a muscle. The aim of this study was to measure and compare the infraspinatus EMD in healthy and unstable shoulders and in(More)
This study investigated the acute effects of different sizes of paddles on the force-time curve during tethered swimming and swimming velocity in front-crawl stroke. Fourteen male swimmers (20.0 ± 3.7 years; 100-m best time: 53.70 ± 0.87 s) performed two 10-s maximal efforts in tethered swimming to obtain peak force, average force, impulse, rate of force(More)
To verify the metabolic responses of oxygen consumption (V[Combining Dot Above]O2), heart rate (HR), blood lactate concentrations [La], and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) when swimming at an intensity corresponding to the critical velocity (CV) assessed by a 4-parameter model (CV4par), and to check the reliability when using only a single 400-m maximal(More)
Background Patients with chronic heart failure frequently report intolerance to exercise and present with changes in walk pattern, but information about heart transplant patients is lacking. Alterations of the gait pattern are related to interaction changes between the metabolism, neurological system and the mechanical demands of the locomotor task. The aim(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity and validity of the Functional Test for Agility Performance (FTAP) in water polo players. Six elite junior (aged 16.33±0.82 years) male players and 65 competitive men (aged 18.1±4.3 years) who were classified in three groups (G 1-3), participated in different phases of the test. The scores accomplished(More)
— This paper aims to present the use of Neural Networks (NN) to approximate the input-output map manifold for online output injection laws in the context of observers with error limitation. The set invariance approach is applied for computation of as small as possible conditioned invariant sets that confine the estimation error of a full-order observer.(More)
It is important that competitive swimmers follow adequate nutritional planning periodized according to their training program. The aim of this study was to assess daily energy and macronutrient intake, and its adequacy to the exercise sessions in high-performance swimmers. Dietary intake of 16 swimmers (11 men and 5 women; 15–25 years) was assessed using a(More)