Flaviana Calignano

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In this paper, a characterization of an AlSiMg alloy processed by direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is presented, from the analysis of the starting powders, in terms of size, morphology and chemical composition, through to the evaluation of mechanical and microstructural properties of specimens built along different orientations parallel and perpendicular(More)
In contemporary society we observe an everlasting permeation of electron devices, smartphones, portable computing tools. The tiniest living organisms on Earth could become the key to address this challenge: energy generation by bacterial processes from renewable stocks/waste through devices such as microbial fuel cells (MFCs). However, the application of(More)
Polymer nanocomposites have always attracted the interest of researchers and industry because of their potential combination of properties from both the nanofillers and the hosting matrix. Gathering nanomaterials and 3D printing could offer clear advantages and numerous new opportunities in several application fields. Embedding nanofillers in a polymeric(More)
Agile and versatile legged robots are expected to become useful machines for applications in unstructured environments where traditional vehicles with wheels and tracks cannot go. Hydraulic actuation has proven to be a suitable actuation technology due to its high power density, robustness against impacts and high stiffness for high bandwidth control. In(More)
A new E-plane filtering structure suitable for very high-power telecom satellite applications is presented. The conceived configuration exploits the design flexibility provided by cascading highly integrated step/stub resonators with pseudoelliptic frequency responses. Several design examples of filters and diplexers in Ku-, K-, and Q-band are reported and(More)
To obtain the best surgical results in orthognathic surgery, treatment planning and the evaluation of results should be performed. In these operations it is necessary to provide to the physicians powerful tools able to underline the behaviour of soft tissue. For this reason, considering the improvements provided by the use of 3D scanners, as photogrammetry,(More)
The manufacturing market have become today complex and globalized, where product life is rapidly decreasing, product structure is more frequently changed and customer-oriented. To maintain or increase their position on the market, the manufacturers have to develop and produce more complex products in a shorter time. The 20th century technological(More)
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