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PURPOSE The stroma of the developing cornea is a highly organized extracellular matrix formed essentially by uniform, small-diameter collagen fibrils with constant interfibrillar spacing. Unlike the fibrillogenesis of chicken cornea, the assembly and maturation of human corneal fibrils have been poorly investigated. In the current study, the authors aimed(More)
At the highest operating energies of LEP, the beam occupies a large phase space volume (emittances) because of the strong synchrotron radiation effects. The stable phase space volume required is comparable to the dynamic aperture, itself in large part determined by radiative effects such as beta-synchrotron coupling. Tune-dependences on the three(More)
In composite materials made of polymer matrices and micro-nano dispersed compartments, the morphology of the dispersed phase can strongly affect several features of the final material, including stability, loading efficiency, and kinetic release of the embedded molecules. Such a polymer matrix composite can be obtained through the consolidation of the(More)
1 OVERVIEW The session summarised here was devoted to Electron Cloud Effects and Vacuum in the SPS and LHC. Seven talks were presented, covering recent experimental observations of electron cloud effects at the KEK-B Low Energy Ring (LER), measurements of surface properties at EPA, simulations of electron cloud build-up and heat load, vacuum observations(More)
In an attempt to identify collagen-binding proteins on the chondrocyte surface, a protein of Mr 34KD, called Anchorin CII was isolated from chondrocyte membranes by affinity chromatography on type II collagen sepharose (Mollenhauer & von der Mark, 1983). The protein was localized on the chondrocyte surface by immunofluorescence labeling using a specific(More)
Rat aortae were fixed, reduced into fragments, fixed again according to the fracture-label method from Pinto da Silva et al. (1981) and labelled with anti-elastin antibodies. We thus demonstrate that this method, extensively used with lectins, is also usable with antibodies to investigate components of the extracellular matrix.
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