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ARD TUTTLE 29 Antagonism of Peripheral and Central Effects of Angiotensin II by [1-Sarcosine, 8-IsoleucinejAngiotensin II. C. S. SWEET, C. M. FERRARIO, M. C. KHOSLA AND F. M. BUMPUS 35 Adrenal and Striatal Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activity after Methamphetamine. LEONARD Y. KODA AND JAMES W. GIBB 42 Electrophysiological Properties of Splenic Nerve in Relation to(More)
subjected to pelvic radiation therapy was named as radiation recall syndrome induced by CBZ [3]. In previous case series, differential diagnosis of hematuria induced by disease progression was eliminated by TURB. In our patient, this adverse event was an unexpected reaction to CBZ. The mechanism of this reaction to CBZ is not known as yet. Seventeen percent(More)
IN a comparative study of alkaline phosphatase in tumors, Greenstein (1942) noted that the mouse tumours studied possessed little or no alkahne phosphatase activity with the exception of spontaneous mammary tumors and lymphomas. Comparative Q values were calculated as the ratio of the percentage of disodium-phenyl phosphate hydrolyzed to milligrams of total(More)
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