Flavia Di Lorenzo

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AIMS This study investigates the prevalence of post partum depression (PPD) in a sample of Roman women, and the role of socio-demographic variables, personality structure and maternal attachment patterns, in order to identify primary and secondary prevention strategies. METHODS Data were collected in two phases. During the third trimester of pregnancy, a(More)
AIM This study aims to investigate the influence of the "romantic attachment" style, stressful life events, social factors on the risk of developing a depression during pregnancy and on the severity of depressive symptoms. METHODS The study started with a screening on a sample of 453 women, during their third trimester of pregnancy, to which has been(More)
A plasma focus device capable of operating at 0.2 pulses per second during several minutes is used as a source of hard x-rays and fast neutrons. An experimental demonstration of the use of the neutrons emissions for radiation probing of hydrogenated substances is presented, showing a particular application in detecting water concentrations differences in(More)
A method to infer the current density distribution in the current sheath of a plasma focus discharge from a magnetic probe is formulated and then applied to experimental data obtained in a 1.1 kJ device. Distortions on the magnetic probe signal caused by current redistribution and by a time-dependent total discharge current are considered simultaneously,(More)
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