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We propose a shearlet formulation of the total variation (TV) method for denoising images. Shearlets have been mathematically proven to represent distributed discontinuities such as edges better than traditional wavelets and are a suitable tool for edge characterization. Common approaches in combining wavelet-like representations such as curvelets with TV(More)
We have investigated the molecular mechanisms that produce different structural and functional behavior in the monomeric and trimeric forms of seminal vesicle protein no. 4, a protein with immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and procoagulant activity secreted from the rat seminal vesicle epithelium. The monomeric and trimeric forms were characterized in(More)
We introduce and study a new class of Radon transforms in a discrete setting for the purpose of applying them to the ridgelet and curvelet transforms. We give a detailed analysis of the p-adic case and provide a closed-form formula for an inverse of the p-adic Radon transform. We give conditions for a scaled version of the generalized discrete Radon(More)
Let D be a bounded homogeneous domain in C , and let A denote the open unit disk. If z e D and /: D —► A is holomorphic, then ß/(z) is defined as the maximum ratio \Vz(f)x\/Hz(x, 3c)1/2 , where x is a nonzero vector in C and Hz is the Bergman metric on D. The number ßf(z) represents the maximum dilation of / at z. The set consisting of all ß/(z), for z e D(More)
Let ϕ be an analytic self-map of the open unit disk D in the complex plane C and let u be a fixed analytic function on D. The weighted composition operator is defined on the space H(D) of analytic functions on D by uCϕf = u · (f • ϕ), f ∈ H(D). In this work, we characterize the bounded and the compact weighted composition operators from the Besov spaces Bp(More)
Let ϕ be a holomorphic self-map of a bounded homogeneous domain D in C n. In this work, we show that the composition operator Cϕ : f → f • ϕ is bounded on the Bloch space B of the domain and provide estimates on its operator norm. We also give a sufficient condition for ϕ to induce an isometry on B. This condition allows us to construct non-trivial examples(More)
In this paper, we establish bounds on the norm of multiplication operators on the Bloch space of the unit disk via weighted composition operators. In doing so, we characterize the isometric multiplication operators to be precisely those induced by constant functions of modulus 1. We then describe the spectrum of the multiplication operators in terms of the(More)