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There is a growing need in the textile industry for more economical and environmentally responsible approaches to improve the scouring process as part of the pretreatment of cotton fabric. Enzymatic methods using pectin-degrading enzymes are potentially valuable candidates in this effort because they could reduce the amount of toxic alkaline chemicals(More)
A female specific protein was isolated from eggs and female hemolymph of cochineal insects, using density gradient ultracentrifugation, ammonium sulfate precipitation, and size exclusion column chromatography. The protein was found to consist of four different subunits with apparent molecular weights (Mr) 45,000, 49,000, 53,000, and 56,000, respectively.(More)
35 metagenome-derived esterases bearing a GGG(A)X motif were screened for activity and enantioselectivity in the hydrolysis of a range of tertiary alcohol acetates. Most of the active esterases showed little or no enantioselectivity in the hydrolysis of the terpinyl acetate, linalyl acetate and 3-methylpent-1-yn-3-yl acetate. However, one esterase showed(More)
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