Flávio Szenberg

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In the broadcast of sports events one can commonly see adds or logos that are not actually there – instead, they are inserted into the image, with the appropriate perspective representation, by means of specialized computer graphics hardware. Such techniques involve camera calibration and the tracking of objects in the scene. This article introduces an(More)
We present a two-step camera calibration process based on linear least squares formulations. We show how to apply this process to build an integrated modeling environment, in which a scene is modeled by having the user specify, on a given image, a set of reference points (used for camera calibration) and object points (used for positioning the objects in(More)
This article describes a method for object and terrain visualization by means of the combination of two algorithms, one for terrain data and one for objects. Our purpose is to generate, efficiently and rapidly, aerial images of terrain with objects such as houses, vehicles, and transmission lines, thus allowing a simulated flight. For the objects, described(More)
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