Flávio S. Corrêa da Silva

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The game designers craft is very young if compared to filmmaking and software development. The knowledge base and formal techniques of these areas is far more comprehensive. Even after decades of evolution of the games production software, the range of design centered techniques and tools is still limited, as observed by many authors. Thereby, efforts have(More)
Responsive environments are physical surroundings whose components change their behaviour to accommodate the presence of people as well as other components. We describe a means to manage such responsive environments whereby each component is dynamically assigned a software agent – these are autonomous and reactive/proactive programs that communicate via(More)
This document briefly describes a framework supporting the definition and implementation of virtual environment inhabited by interacting situated agents defined according to the Multilayered Multi-Agent Situated System model. The framework supports the specification and execution of visually rich 3D virtual environment endowed by the presence of mobile(More)
Artificial intelligence and computer games enjoy a healthy level of cooperation and integration. Rule-based systems are a promising means to specify interface standards for artificial intelligence tools and modules for games, as advocated by the International Game Developers Association. Rules, however, can be too flexible, allowing undisciplined and(More)
Even though the digital processing of documents is increasingly widespread in industry, printed documents are still largely in use. In order to process electronically the contents of printed documents, information must be extracted from digital images of documents. When dealing with complex documents, in which the contents of different regions and fields(More)
Ambient intelligence allows physical environments to become sensitive and responsive to the presence of people and objects. An environment endowed with ambient intelligence is able to analyse its contexts, adapt itself to the presence of people and objects residing in it, learn from their behaviour and recognise and express emotion. Ambient intelligence is(More)