Flávia Veloso de Souza

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The aim of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of the Núcleo Temático do Software Público Brasileiro (Núcleo SPB) to motivate students to collaborate in the projects of Portal do Software Público Brasileiro. The Núcleo SPB was the first course offered by a public university in Brazil exclusively for the promotion of Software Público Brasileiro. The(More)
This paper examines inter-generational persistence in child labor by developing a dynamic model and exploring its implications empirically in Brazil. We begin by building an overlapping generations model of the household child labor decision. We assume that this decision is made by the head of the household, where parents decide to send their child to work(More)
This study aims to investigate the applicability of the multiple regression model for the validation of behavioral learning self-regulation variables. a survey of 408 participants courses in distance education mode with an average age of 30 was conducted. Data collection was done through a hybrid approach between questionnaire and log files of variables, in(More)
This paper presents a grafical notation to represent human interaction engaged in an asynchronous learning networks in the processes of continuous formation. This research contemplates a part-time in-class course for mathematics teachers, showing the use of technology in class. This paper presents a framework showing that all human activity is mediated by(More)
— This paper presents a proposal for mapping the behavior data that represent the constructs of transactional distance (dialogue, structure and autonomy) in a Learning Management System (LMS). The aim was to describe and validate a set of variables under which these constructs can be measured, enabling the development of research in the area and obtaining(More)
This study aimed to present a Moodle LMS integration approach with the framework Shiny for the development of Learning Analytics. In order to demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, a web application able to collect and process data from the LMS was implemented. The results show that the integration of Moodle with Shiny expands the possibilities of(More)
This work presents a case study of the subject Núcleo Temático do Software Público Brasileiro (Núcleo SPB), the pioneer curricular component of Brazil dedicated to the promotion of the Software Público Brasileiro, offered by a federal university in partnership with the Ministério do Planejamento. The aim of the study was to identify the difficulties faced(More)
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