Flávia Rosa Santoro

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Resilience is related to the ability of a system to adjust to disturbances. The Utilitarian Redundancy Model has emerged as a tool for investigating the resilience of local medical systems. The model determines the use of species richness for the same therapeutic function as a facilitator of the maintenance of these systems. However, predictions generated(More)
The malaria hypothesis, which addresses a strong selective pressure on human genes resulting from a chain of processes that originated with the practice of agriculture, is an example of an evolutionary consequence of niche construction. This scenario has led us to formulate the following questions: Are the genetic adaptations of populations with a history(More)
We investigated some factors that can affect the citation behavior in young scientific fields by using ethnobiology as a research model. In particular, we sought to assess the degree of insularity in the citations of scientific articles and whether this behavior varies across countries, continents and related areas of knowledge. In addition, we analyzed if(More)
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