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The aim of this paper is to report the initiative of a research project called the CSCW Lab. The CSCW Lab is an approach for applying evaluation methodologies in the context of a groupware research group. We identify the major dimensions of groupware evaluation and describe how the CSCW Lab addresses them. The first experiments using CSCW Lab are also(More)
Purpose – The aspect-oriented (AO) paradigm is first proposed to deal with programing modularity issues, but different researchers have been exploring AO concepts in the designing and definition of software systems. The goal of this paper is to discuss and present a proposal that addresses the application of AO concepts to the design of business processes(More)
The aim of this paper is to sum up our first observations on the use of the context concept in software development applications – specially the collaboration supporting tools – in order to improve software organization's knowledge management and, furthermore, its organizational learning. This work proposes a framework for identifying and organizing(More)
Complexity and dynamism of day-today activities in organizations are inextricably linked, one impacting the other, increasing the challenges for constant adaptation of the way to organize work to address emerging demands. In this scenario, there are a variety of information, insight and reasoning being processed between people and systems, during process(More)
Team's composition of is key factor to its success, but differences between individual and collective interests result in obstacles for the configuration of teams. Considering only individuals skills is not enough to assemble a working group. We present Team Composer, an application based on Genetic Algorithm that implements a social matching strategy that(More)