Flávia Maria Santoro

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Various approaches for services development in SOA propose business processes as a starting point. However, there is a lack of systematic methods for services identification during business analysis. We believe that there has to exist a integrated view of organizational business processes to promote an effective SOA approach, which will improve IS(More)
Purpose – The aspect-oriented (AO) paradigm is first proposed to deal with programing modularity issues, but different researchers have been exploring AO concepts in the designing and definition of software systems. The goal of this paper is to discuss and present a proposal that addresses the application of AO concepts to the design of business processes(More)
A business process is a sequence of activities that aims at creating products or services, granting value to the customer, and is generally represented by a business process model. Business process models play an important role in bridging the gap between the business domain and the information technology, increasing the weight of business modeling as first(More)
Most part of an organization's knowledge relies in people's mind, previous experiences and background, and offers many challenges to be represented and stored. Providing supporting methods and tools for groups to capture, explicit and understand the real context of past activities will also help them better understand the new situations they have to face.(More)
This article presents a conceptual framework for the identification and classification of contextual elements included in groupware applications. Contextual elements store information that helps group members to characterize and to understand the interaction and its associate information. The conceptual framework can be used not only to guide the(More)
The aim of this paper is to report the initiative of a research project called the CSCW Lab. The CSCW Lab is an approach for applying evaluation methodologies in the context of a groupware research group. We identify the major dimensions of groupware evaluation and describe how the CSCW Lab addresses them. The first experiments using CSCW Lab are also(More)
Business process modeling is expensive and time consuming. It largely depends on the elicitation method and the person in charge. The model needs to be shared in order to promote multiple perspectives. This paper describes a group storytelling approach as an alternative to the traditional individual interviews to elicitate processes. Information gathering(More)
Complexity and dynamism of day-to-day activities in organizations are inextricably linked, one impacting the other, increasing the challenges for constant adaptation of the way to organize work to address emerging demands. In this scenario, there are a variety of information, insight and reasoning being processed between people and systems, during process(More)