Flávia Coelho Garcia dos Reis

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In this study, the cell-associated and extracellular peptidases of Trypanosoma cruzi grown in modified Roitman's complex (MRC) medium were analyzed by measuring peptidase activity in gelatin-containing zymograms. Our results showed that the cell-associated peptidases as well as peptidases extracellularly released by T. cruzi displayed two distinct(More)
Thrombin, a highly specific protease of blood coagulation, has two exosites that modulate its specificity. We designed two sets of synthetic substrate FRET peptides with 25- or 11- amino acids (aa) each, based on the PAR 1 sequence, to characterize the effect of exosite 1 engagement on substrate catalysis and preference. The 25-aa set encompassed a sequence(More)
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