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The flavor democracy favors the existence of the nearly degenerate fourth SM family, whereas the fifth SM family is disfavored both by the mass phenomenology and precision tests of the Standard Model. The multi-hundreds GeV fourth family quarks will be copiously produced at the LHC. However, the first indication of the fourth family may come from the Higgs(More)
Main parameters of linac-ring type φ-factory proposed as the part of the Turkic Accelerator Complex (TAC) in the framework of ATAM Science City Project are discussed. Two set of parameters, corresponding to E=130 (260) MeV for electron linac and E=2000 (1000) MeV for positron ring, are considered. It is shown that, in principle, L=10cms can be achieved,(More)
In this study, it is aimed to obtain the real time image of the object, whose off-axis hologram recording is saved on CCD camera, from digital phase hologram. For creating the phase hologram, the phase information of the hologram recording on CCD camera is obtained. When the phase information is obtained, the Fourier transform algorithm and continuous(More)
First of all, "right" sneutrino can be the lightest supersymmetric particle. Then, the flavor democracy favors large value of the tanβ. Finally, the huge number of free parameters in the three families MSSM may be considered as an indication of SUSY at preonic level. _______________ Electronic address:
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