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In response to the tragic events of September 11 2001 and the growing concern for the security of ships and ports, the International Maritime Organization set up new security regulations implemented in the International Ship and Port facility Security code as an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea convention on minimum security arrangements for ships and(More)
Ports constitute crucial intermodal nodes in the freight and passenger transport network as well as important border control points. Their security is therefore of paramount importance not only because of their critical transport functions but also because of their specific role, as control points, in the regional, national and European security. Port(More)
Most of current Port Security analyses provide a clear view of the land-side security measures (fencing, access control, area monitoring…) but the seaside security issues are not always that clearly defined (exact extent, Authority in charge, assessment of realistic threats etc.). In one hand, there is no doubt that proper seaside security measures(More)
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