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The dynamics of climate change governance in Indonesia
in recent years, as described in other chapters in this book, the intention to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been growing across a diverse range of non-Annex I countries. Often, theseExpand
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Forest and land-use governance in a decentralized Indonesia: a legal and policy review.
Which levels of government hold powers over forests and land use in Indonesia? Which powers and responsibilities are centralized, and which are decentralized? What role can citizens play?This reportExpand
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An Environmental Perspective on Energy Development in Indonesia
Indonesia faces an energy trilemma on the energy security, climate change goals and energy poverty fronts. Policies that focus exclusively on one prong of the trilemma may lead to unacceptableExpand
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Rethinking renewable energy targets and electricity sector reform in Indonesia: A private sector perspective
Abstract Renewable energy targets announced in 2014 present an opportunity to reform Indonesia's electricity sector which is dominated by fossil fuels. In this paper we discuss Indonesia's currentExpand
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Alternative futures for Borneo show the value of integrating economic and conservation targets across borders
Balancing economic development with international commitments to protect biodiversity is a global challenge. Achieving this balance requires an understanding of the possible consequences ofExpand
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Decentralization and Avoiding Deforestation: The Case of Indonesia
Decentralization of government functions in Indonesia has its roots in the country’s geographic, economic, and ethnic diversity. Stretching between the Indian and Pacific oceans, this archipelagicExpand
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Who holds power in land-use decisions? Implications for REDD+ in Indonesia.
Key messagesIn different provinces or districts, the same laws can be applied in very different ways.Participation of customary land users and local communities remains ad hoc and requires thatExpand
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Corrigendum: Alternative futures for Borneo show the value of integrating economic and conservation targets across borders
Nature Communications 6: Article number:6819 (2015); Published 14 April 2015; Updated 14 June 2016 The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the author Hugh P.Expand
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Climate Change in Indonesia Implications for Humans and Nature
The report highlights that annual rainfall in the world’s fourth most populous nation is already down by 2 to 3 per cent, and the seasons are changing.
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Realising Sustainable Oil Palm Development in Indonesia - Challenges and Opportunities*
Palm oil is used in a vast range of everyday products, including soaps, chocolate bars, ice cream, ready-toeat meals and margarine. Increasingly, it is being touted as a biofuel. Worldwide demand forExpand
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