Fitri Utaminingrum

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Fuzzy Mean Linear Aliasing Window Kernel (FMLAWK) filter method proposed to reducing the high-density impulse noise interference and generating the smooth image performance. FMLAWK filter is a spatial filter, which combined from fuzzy method and Linear Aliasing Filter (LAF). The initial step is finding the degree of membership function (μ) value of(More)
This paper presents Linear Mean-Median (LMM) filter that used to reduce impulse noise. LMM filter is a combination between Mean and Median filter. Wherein, linear value is acquired from the linearity between mean and median value. Mean and Median filter are only applied for free-noise pixel on the 3×3 windows that has been sorted from the smallest to(More)
A building can be known by look shape, color, and texture. The building can be detected by using many methods and can be count population density in the area. Region growing is one simple segmentation method because only use seed point. Before segmentation, the image through preprocessing step include sharpening, binarization by the Otsu’s method.(More)
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