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OBJECTIVE We have previously reported that grafting fibroblasts genetically modified to express brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) into a subtotal cervical hemisection site that destroys the entire lateral funiculus will promote regeneration of rubrospinal axons and growth of other axons, prevent atrophy and death of axotomized red nucleus neurons,(More)
The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm is a classical method for solving nonlinear systems of equations that can come from various applications in engineering and economics. Recently, Levenberg-Marquardt methods turned out to be a valuable principle for obtaining fast convergence to a solution of the nonlinear system if the classical nonsingularity assumption is(More)
  • Fischer
  • Langenbecks Archiv für klinische Chirurgie
  • 2005
28. Ju~GI-IANNs-Oldenburg (Oldbg.) : Die funkfionelle Pathologie der Zwisehenwirbelseheiben als Grundlage fiir klinisehe Betrachtungen. (S. Tefl II , S. 393 der Verhandlungen.) Vorsitzender E. V. REDWITz-Bonn: Ieh danke Her in J v ~ G ~ z s vielmals ffir dieses ausgezeichnete plastische Referat, aus dem der Geist seines Lehrers SCHMIEDE~ deutlieh gesprochen(More)
In the experiments described in Fig. 3, the orientation arena was surrounded by a magnetic coil system that was used to control the field in which each lobster walked. The coil system consisted of two different independent four-coil systems arranged orthogonally. Each coil measured 2.3 m on a side. Lobsters were restricted by a tether to an area in the(More)
Cooperative problem-solving systems are computer-based systems that augment a person's ability to create, reflect, design, decide , and reason. Our work focuses on supporting cooperative problem solving in the context of high-functionality computer systems. We show how the conceptual framework behind a given system determines crucial aspects of the system's(More)