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The very high-resolution satellite data from IKONOS and QuickBird are in a competition to aerial images today. Although the IKONOS satellite has provided the world’s first source of commercially available high-resolution satellite imagery, QuickBird is currently the satellite with the highest resolution for civilian uses. While the IKONOS and QuickBird(More)
Turkey has always been one of the major agricultural countries in the world. The importance of agriculture is increasing due to the growing of population in Turkey and in the world. Although the importance of agriculture in Turkish economy has been declined relatively in the time with respect to GNP (Gnoss National Product) and export, this issue keeps its(More)
Landscapes always change, as they are the expression of the constant interaction between natural and cultural forces in the environment. Applied to an urban/peri-urban case, changes are seen as a menace. By identifying the past urbanization patterns, policy makers and planners can gain better insight into the contributing factors that have resulted in the(More)
To evaluate the frequency of high-risk histopathologic factors in Turkish children enucleated for retinoblastoma and to analyze the association between growth pattern, rosetta formation, tumor thickness, presence of necrosis, calcification, neovascularization, rate of mitosis, and high-risk histopathologic factors. Pathology reports of 59 eyes who had(More)
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