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This study was carried out with a view to finding out factors influencing prelacteal feeding and its relation to establishment of lactation in rural Bangladesh. 420 mothers in early post-partum period were interviewed at home. Prelacteal feeding was given to 77% of the babies, and honey was given to 72% of them. The common methods of prelacteal feeding were(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumour of bone (GCT) is a benign but locally aggressive lesion. We analysed a series of GCTs of bone to determine whether there was any variation in the incidence and distribution in an Indian population compared to other populations reported in the literature, as well as treatment options applicable in developing countries, and we(More)
In Bangladesh, like other developing countries, most births occur at home or in the community, so logistic problems and taboos prevent the weighing of every newborn child. This study was performed to see whether other simpler measurements could be substituted for weight to identify neonates of low birth weight. A total of 1676 live births at the Chittagong(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumor of bone (GCT) is a benign lesion with great propensity for local recurrence. This study aimed to analyse the rates of local recurrence and its possible predisposing factors in Campanacci's Grade III and II GCT of long bones following intralesional curettage and bone cementing. MATERIALS AND METHODS 32 cases of either sex with(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumor (GCT) of the distal radius poses problems for reconstruction after resection. Several reconstructive procedures like vascularized and non-vascularized fibular graft, osteo-articular allograft, ceramic prosthesis and megaprosthesis are in use for substitution of the defect in the distal radius following resection. Most authors(More)
Giant cell tumor (GCT) of hand bones is rare. We present two cases of GCT of metacarpal bone. One case was treated successfully with ray amputation. The second patient underwent wide resection and tricortical iliac crest bone grafting. Till the last follow-up (at 26 and 70 months respectively) both patients have been recurrence free and have returned to(More)
This was a community based, thirty cluster survey, carried out in Chittagong metropolitan area of Bangladesh, aimed to determine the extent of misuse of drugs in acute diarrhoea among under-five children. Data were collected from 360 mothers whose under-five children had suffered from acute diarrhoea during the preceding two weeks of interview. Data were(More)
This prospective follow-up study was carried out during 1996 to identify the outcome of children rehydrated in the ORT Corner of the Chittagong Medical College Hospital. In total, 269 children, aged less than five years, who attended the ORT Corner, accompanied by their mothers, for treatment of uncomplicated acute watery diarrhoea with 'no signs of(More)