Firooz Aflatouni

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In multi-hundred Gb/s parallel optical links for on-chip or chip-to-chip data transfer, system components should be very low power while occupying small chip areas. This paper presents a low power transimpedance amplifier (TIA) that is based on regulated cascode with vertically stacked inductors, and can operate up to 10Gb/s in presence of 370fF input(More)
In direct-to-earth or deep space communication links, providing energy is very expensive and therefore it is essential for the link receiver to consume very low power while providing high sensitivity and gain. This paper presents a low power 0.13μm SiGe Ka-band receiver where the current sharing technique is used to reduce the power consumption of the(More)
Analysis of feedforward linewidth reduction scheme for semiconductor lasers followed by measurements are presented in this paper. The design challenges for such a system, followed by improvements to the original scheme are explained and demonstrated using top-bench electrooptical setups. The experiments are carried out on a commercially available 1.55- m(More)
A heterodyne electro-optical phase locked loop (EO-PLL) architecture is proposed that can lock the frequency and phase of semiconductor lasers. An aided acquisition circuit inspired by the combination of RF image rejection receivers and digital PLL architectures is incorporated in the EOPLL to extend the frequency acquisition range to GHz, even in the(More)
The first integrated wideband laser phase noise reduction scheme is presented where the laser phase noise is first detected using a photonic chip, processed using an electronic chip, and subtracted from the laser phase in a feed-forward manner. The proof-of-concept experiments on a commercially available 1553nm distributed feedback laser show linewidth(More)
In this letter, we demonstrate the use of an electronic feedback scheme using a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) to control the optical phase of individual semiconductor lasers (SCLs) phase locked to a common reference laser using heterodyne optical phase-locked loops (OPLLs). The outputs of two external cavity SCLs phase-locked to a common reference(More)
Wei Liang,* Naresh Satyan, Firooz Aflatouni, Amnon Yariv, Anthony Kewitsch, George Rakuljic, and Hossein Hashemi Department of Applied Physics and Department of Electrical Engineering, MC 128-95, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, USA Telaris Inc., 2118 Wilshire Boulevard, #238, Santa Monica, California 90403, USA Department of(More)
Using heterodyne Optical Phase-Locked Loops (OPLLs), two 1W high power 1550 nm master-oscillator-power-amplifier (MOPA) semiconductor lasers operating as current controlled oscillators are phase-locked to a 1 mW reference laser. The signals of the two MOPAs are then coherently combined and their mutual coherence is studied. In each OPLL, the acquisition(More)
A wideband laser phase noise reduction scheme is introduced where the optical field of a laser is single sideband modulated with an electrical signal containing the discriminated phase noise of the laser. The proof-of-concept experiments on a commercially available 1549 nm distributed feedback laser show linewidth reduction from 7.5 MHz to 1.8 kHz without(More)