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This article describes the occlusal rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient who did not want a removable partial denture. Implants and extensive fixed restorations were used to restore posterior support and treat severely worn dentition, respectively. The treatment offered the patient a functional and esthetic result.
Various treatment modalities exist for Langerhans cell histiocytosis(LCH) due to its uncertain aetiology.. LCH patients are clinically divided into a single and multisystem group and each group warrants a different approach to treatment. However, histologically, CD Ia antigen and Birbeck's granules have been implicated in both types of the disease. This(More)
Histiocytosis X is a rare disorder with no particular predilection for race, age or sex. Since its discovery by Hand in 1893, the etiology has remained unknown, although viruses, bacteria and genetic factors have been implicated. Familial occurrence of this disease is very rare, and only a handful of such cases have been reported. The present study adds(More)
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