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The major drawback of most noise reduction methods is what is known as musical noise. To cope with this problem, the masking properties of the human ear were used in the spectral subtraction methods. However, no similar approach is available for the signal subspace based methods. In a previous work, we presented a frequency to eigendomain transformation(More)
In this letter, a new set of speech feature parameters based on multirate signal processing and the Teager energy operator is introduced. The speech signal is first divided into nonuniform subbands in mel-scale using a multirate filterbank, then the Teager energies of the subsignals are estimated. Finally, the feature vector is constructed by(More)
Accurate endpoint detection is important for improving the speech recognition capability. This paper proposes a novel endpoint detection method which combines energy-based and likelihood ratio-based voice activity detection (VAD) criteria, where the likelihood ratio is calculated with speech/non-speech Gaussian mixture models (GMMs). Moreover, the proposed(More)
One of the major problems that may encounter old people at home is falling. Approximately, one of three adults of the age of 65 or older falls every year. The World Health Organization reports that injuries due to falls are the third most common cause of chronic disability. In this paper, we proposed an approach to indoor human daily activity recognition,(More)
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