Firas A. Jassim

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The needs for steganographic techniques for hiding secret message inside images have been arise. This paper is to create a practical steganographic implementation to hide text inside grey scale images. The secret message is hidden inside the cover image using Five Modulus Method. The novel algorithm is called (ST-FMM. FMM which consists of transforming all(More)
This paper proposes a novel method which combines both median filter and simple standard deviation to accomplish an excellent edge detector for image processing. First of all, a denoising process must be applied on the grey scale image using median filter to identify pixels which are likely to be contaminated by noise. The benefit of this step is to smooth(More)
—In this paper, we propose a new algorithm to make a novel spatial image transformation. The proposed approach aims to reduce the bit depth used for image storage. The basic technique for the proposed transformation is based of the modulus operator. The goal is to transform the whole image into multiples of predefined integer. The division of the whole(More)
— This paper is to create a practical steganographic implementation to hide color image (stego) inside another color image (cover). The proposed technique uses Five Modulus Method to convert the whole pixels within both the cover and the stego images into multiples of five. Since each pixels inside the stego image is divisible by five then the whole stego(More)
The use of computer networks for data transmission has created the need of security. Transmission of images is a daily routine and it is necessary to find an efficient way to transmit them over networks. This work describes the concept of Separable Reversible data hiding technique. When it is desired to send the confidential data over an insecure channel,(More)
—This paper is to create a pragmatic steganographic implementation to hide black and white image which is known as stego image inside another gray bitmap image that known as cover image. First of all, the proposed technique uses k-Modulus Method (K-MM) to convert all pixels within the cover image into multiples of positive integer named k. Since the black(More)
— Image fusion is one of the recent trends in image reg istration which is an essential field of image processing. The basic principle o f this paper is to fuse mu lti-focus images using simple statistical standard deviation. Firstly, the simp le standard deviation for the k×k window inside each of the mult i-focus images was computed. The contribution in(More)