Fiorino Mirabella

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BACKGROUND In Italy, few studies on the prevalence of psychiatric disorders have considered all of the most common disorders and very few have adopted the most common tools, that is, the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) and the Present State Examination (PSE). The objective of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies on representative samples of psychiatric services have shown that low proportions of cases received effective rehabilitation interventions. The following are likely to be the most important causes: the scarcity of mental health workers trained in social and work skills strategies and the absence of a structured framework to(More)
AIM This study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of women screened positive for postpartum depression (PPD) and to investigate the main risk factors for PPD, in a large sample of Italian women. METHOD The sample (N=567) was recruited as part of 91 antenatal courses. Women were screened between the 6th and 12th week after birth, by filling the EPDS(More)
AIM Important guidelines recommend cognitive-behavioural interventions for postnatal depression but in the clinical practice they are not really diffused. This study describes the results and effectiveness of a structured cognitive-behavioural intervention implemented in a public mental health department. METHODS The study involved 54 depressed women(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed at defining the characteristics of a population of patients diagnosed with first-episode psychosis (FEP), and accessing for the first time a center for early intervention in psychosis in the health district of Milan and its surroundings. METHODS Patients were included in the study from January 2007 to December 2008; criteria:(More)
AIMS Postnatal depression, the most frequent complication occurring after pregnancy, is often not recognized. The prevalence of postnatal depression is currently considered to be 10-15% in western countries. A wide range of risk factors related to postnatal depression were researched in international studies. Our aim was to evaluate the risk factors and(More)
AIMS To present the psychometric properties of the "Consumer-constructed Scale to measure empowerment" (Rogers et al., 1997) Italian version. METHODS After briefly recollecting "history", contents and psychometric features of the original scale, proceeding from Straticò & Degli Esposti's translation (2002), in this paper, the psychometric properties of(More)
AIM The present study evaluates the outcome of cognitive training as part of Brenner's Integrated Psychological Therapy (IPT) in two groups of individuals with a schizophrenic spectrum disorder (F20-F24 ICD-10). 28 participants were divided into either an experimental group or a control group. The experimental group was composed of 13 individuals (46%) with(More)
AIM This study evaluates the effectiveness of a psychological intervention based on a brief cognitive behavioural and psycho-educational treatment for women suffering from post partum depression. METHOD The sample was recruited within a programme of screening and early intervention for post partum depression risk. 1558 women were screened between the 6th(More)
AIMS The present study aims to evaluate the outcome of two different approach in rehabilitation: IPT Cognitive Training (Brenner's) administered in conjunction with Treatment As Usual (TAU) versus TAU as a sole intervention, on cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and executive functioning in a sample of participants with a diagnosis of a(More)