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Medium size HPC clusters play an important role in the HPC landscape in that they provide both the training environment for system scalability and a flexible production field for a large class of numerical problems. In this poster we present CRESCO4, the latest medium size HPC cluster purchased by ENEA, in operation since few months. CRESCO4 is part of a(More)
The branching ratio for the decay K + → π + ν ¯ ν is sensitive to new physics; the NA62 experiment will measure it to within about 10%. To reject the dominant background from channels with final state photons, the large-angle vetoes (LAVs) must detect particles with better than 1 ns time resolution and 10% energy resolution over a very large energy range.(More)
In the fixed energy environment of the e + e − collider DAΦNE, KLOE can measure the cross section of the process e + e − → hadrons as a function of the hadronic system energy using the radiative return method. At energies below 1 GeV, e + e − → ρ → π + π − is the dominating hadronic process. We report here on the status of the analysis of the process e + e(More)
We present a measurement of the K L lifetime using the KLOE detector. From a sample of ∼ 4 × 10 8 K S K L pairs following the reaction e + e − → φ → K S K L we select ∼ 15 × 10 6 K L → π 0 π 0 π 0 decays tagged by K S → π + π − events. From a fit of the proper time distribution we find τ L = (50.92 ± 0.17 stat ± 0.25 syst) ns. This is the most precise(More)
In this paper we describe the status of the analyses in progress on light meson spectroscopy in the KLOE experiment. We present the analyses of φ decays into f 0 (980)γ and a 0 (980)γ, the Dalitz plot analysis of the η → π + π − π 0 decay, the branching ratio measurement of η → π 0 γγ, the upper limits on Br(η → 3γ) and Br(η → π + π −), the measurement of(More)
This paper introduces a renewed gateway to ENEAGRID distributed computing resources, named Fast Access to Remote Objects 2.0 (FARO 2.0). FARO 2.0 is a tool for application and desktop virtualization with a strong focus towards user experience (UX), providing trained as well as untrained users a collection of centralized services that can be seamlessly used(More)
We present a detailed study, done in the framework of the INFN 2006 Roadmap, of the prospects for e + e − physics at the Frascati National Laboratories. The physics case for an e + e − collider running at high luminosity at the φ resonance energy and also reaching a maximum center of mass energy of 2.5 GeV is discussed, together with the specific aspects of(More)
We report a preliminary measurement of the slope parameter α for the η → 3π 0 decay carried out with KLOE at DAΦNE; where α is the parameter describing the energy dependence of the square of the matrix element for this decay. By fitting the event density in the Dalitz plot with a collected statistic of 420 pb −1 we determine α = −0.027 ± 0.004 (stat) +0.004(More)