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Responses of Bovine Innate Immunity to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection Revealed by Changes in Gene Expression and Levels of MicroRNA
Paratuberculosis in cattle is a chronic granulomatous gastroenteritis caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratubercolosis (MAP) which is endemic worldwide. In dairy herds, it is responsible forExpand
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Rumen microbiome in dairy calves fed copper and grape-pomace dietary supplementations: Composition and predicted functional profile
The rumen microbiome is fundamental for the productivity and health of dairy cattle and diet is known to influence the rumen microbiota composition. In this study, grape-pomace, a natural source ofExpand
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Treatment Optimisation and Sample Preparation for the Evaluation of Lipid Oxidation in Various Meats Through TBARs Assays before Analysis
AbstractThe aim of this work was to evaluate the critical points while using a TBARs test to measure the lipid oxidation in meat samples; this method includes a distillation method, extracting acidExpand
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α- and β-Adducin polymorphisms affect podocyte proteins and proteinuria in rodents and decline of renal function in human IgA nephropathy
Adducins are cytoskeletal actin-binding proteins (α, β, γ) that function as heterodimers and heterotetramers and are encoded by distinct genes. Experimental and clinical evidence implicates α- andExpand
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High temperature and heating effect on the oxidative stability of dietary cholesterol in different real food systems arising from eggs
Cholesterol, a monounsaturated sterol present in food of animal origin, can be oxidized during food processing and storage, thus generating a series of oxidation products, collectively calledExpand
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Transcriptome profiling and functional analysis of sheep fed with high zinc-supplemented diet: A nutrigenomic approach
Abstract Zinc (Zn) is crucial to animals’ growth and homeostasis, as it actively regulates transcription factors, DNA, and protein synthesis. To date, there is little information on the Zn-inducedExpand
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Whole-transcriptome profiling of sheep fed with a high iodine-supplemented diet.
Iodine (I) is a micronutrient that mammals need for proper functionality of thyroid gland since it is the main component of thyroid hormones. Besides studies that have investigated the role of I inExpand
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Transcriptomic profiling of Chamelea gallina from sites along the Abruzzo coast (Italy), subject to periodic localized mortality events
The striped venus Chamelea gallina (Linnaeus 1758) is a species of substantial economic importance, distributed along the Mediterranean coast and the Eastern Atlantic coasts. Due to an intensiveExpand
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11 Flabra, frontline approach for BRCA testing in ovarian cancer (OC) treatment naïve population. A latin america (LA) epidemiologic study
Objectives Previously described prevalence of BRCA mutated OC is 14% for germline BRCA mutations (gBRCAM), that could increase to 20% considering somatic BRCA mutations (sBRCAM). LatinamericanExpand
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Chemical-nutritional parameters and volatile profile of eggs and cakes made with eggs from ISA Warren laying hens fed with a dietary supplementation of extruded linseed
Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the chemical-nutritional parameters, oxidative stability and volatile profile of eggs and cakes made with eggs from laying hens fed with a dietaryExpand